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We had our maiden trip a couple weeks ago to Barren Island and boy what a trip it was! On board we had a team from Denmark, fishing with us for over 5 years, but never made it up to Barren or Invisible Banks. So after we have received the final approval to sail out, the guys were all so pumped up! Barren Island is the only real active volcano on the Western end from the Ring of Fire. This volcano became active again in 2004 when the tsunami struck many places in South East Asia. This place is so remote and stunning it truly deserves to be named; “Barren Island”. After 2 hours at cruising speed, we approached the volcano and started trolling right away, which resulted in a wahoo pack attack frenzy. We raised over 20 wahoo’s (all decent size from 10 to 20 Kg). We had some massive takes as well from Yellow Fin Tuna, but only managed to land one of over 30 Kgs. The night fishing with live bait was a bit slow, until we had a massive take around midnight. Jesper tried to hold onto his rod, but the shark took the bait and cut off our 300 pounds steel leader! In the morning we popped on the shallower parts and had some decent GT action there. Especially the stickbaits have proven to be very effective on this trip. Even on the more steeper drop-offs 10 to 100 meters, we had some massive doggies chasing our lures/poppers up till the boat. All together an amazing sight and memorable trip packed full with adventure. The same group did an long-range trip to Invisible Banks the day after. More pictures will follow shortly.

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